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After DisasterKros Dyck
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MysticalKros Dyck
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Lost UnderwaterKros Dyck
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AntithesisKros Dyck
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Echoes of the Abyss


This is a class project. A video game currently under development, Echoes of the Abyss is a atmospheric driven first person adventure puzzler set deep in an underwater cave system known only as The Abyss. The project is being made in the Unreal game engine.

Glowing Eyes UnderwaterKros Dyck
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SFX Underwater SoundscapeKros Dyck
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William Tuff Audio LogKros Dyck
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My role in this project was multifaceted. Primarily I served as the teams Scrum Master. I consulted with the project lead to understand what he wants done, I organized workflows and delegated, I scheduled group meetings, and I ensured that no one on our team was isolated from the group during these Covid conditions. I also worked as the teams lead sound designer, and narrative lead. I've created atmospheric soundscapes and soundtracks to convey the games core themes. The narrative elements that I've created for this game try to bring to focus ideas of greed and false courage. This is my biggest project to date and I'm very proud of the work my team and I have put in!

Scary Pier Game

As a team of ten in just under a month we produced a short themed 2D platformer in the Unreal game engine as a class project.

The game was themed around a creepy clown infested pier amusement park. The player's objective was to reach the end of the level before time expired.

My role in this project was twofold. Firstly I worked as the lead sound designer. I found, mixed, and crafted sound effects to enhance the games atmosphere and create a creepy clown setting. I also worked as a scrum master. I organized our team, set out timelines, managed version control, and communicated our results over the month with our professor.

Project 1 Documentation.JPG

Back to Year One

This was an interactive art installment made by a group of five. The goal of this project was to share some of our memories from our first year at the U of L by using representative

interactable objects and programming.

In this piece the user navigates a hidden map to find icons that represent real objects. If the user hovers over an icon and interacts with the real-world object a visual and auditory representation of a memory is displayed.

My role in this project was to be a creative input in our design process, and to be a roadie. I helped set up and design the space that the piece was going to be shown, and I also worked a lot on documentation of the project. Lastly I organized a demo run of the project to make sure everything could run smoothly once the team was ready to present to a larger audience.

Do you deserve happiness.png

Do you deserve happiness?

The goal of this student project was to use Processing (a coding program) create a clear link between "fate" and the ability to pursue happiness in life. To do this the user answers a series of questions and depending on chance they'll receive a good or bad ending

This is certainly one of my more darker pieces. I had free reign working on this project solo and so it explores some darker themes.

My role in this project was to be its sole creator. Programming, audio, narrative all these elements were designed by me. I made this in a period of my life where a lot of things weren't making sense to me and I wanted to express something that did make sense. This project was very personal for me. Life is unpredictable, no one deserves anything really, we just take what we get and have to form our own opinions of good and bad. 

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