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My Art

With every creative endeavor I undertake, I like to bring a sense of focus and efficiency. I like to use keen and simple metaphor to center my art in a chaotic, messy unfocused world. I consider myself an exceptional generalist, and I can say with confidence that I have a strong grasp on writing, editing, music production, video production, artistic programming, and video game design.

My biggest strength as an artist is my ability to work with and learn from others. Art has always been and always will be an ongoing conversation. With a background in management and a fascination into human behaviour I find myself uniquely adept at helping people come together to have a unified artistic vision. My goal as an artist is to enable people more creative than me to thrive, and hopefully in doing that everyone can profit.

What I value the most in my own creations is creating emotional resonance in the viewer. Visceral, surface level, sad, happy, intense, calm, the emotion and depth vary, but it is always the first thing that comes to my mind when creating.

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