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A new place to sit

A new place to sit
Is all I need

If I could sum up
Every time in my life
I've consistently found bliss
Is when I find

A new place to sit
A new view to see
From a new place it
Is all a gallery

Something Poetic

Through twice lived eyes
And windowed skies
I've come to realize
We all surround ourselves in lies

If honesty is the complete
Full communication
Of all information
Then we all stand with dishonest feet

Dishonesty can be dangerous
You need a little trust
Or it could happen to be
You'll loose a kidney

So if you'd like to take that risk
Of utmost honesty
To be completely free
You just got to ask

Goodnight to those that can live their own virtues
Tonight I pray to the sandman

Whoop-up Drive

It's rush hour
I'm on a
To my right
In the distance
I can see downtown
Covered in smoke
Across the street
That's filled with traffic
There's a church
A building with no business
To my left the road stretches on
To places parks and plazas
I can't see

Hundreds of people
Pass me by
They can all see me
Quite clearly I feel
But I can hardly see
A handful
They each have their own box
On wheels
A floating sanctuary
That brings them all
And privacy

Some are old
Some are new
Some are well washed
And some are well used
I think that one was European
I saw one earlier that was yellow
And in it a girl who looked like
A wasp

There's a Jeep
My mom used to drive one of those
There's a van
Caked in dirt

There's something about traffic
That doesn't sit right with me
So much energy
Being used
So so so many people
Alone surrounded by three seats
And just
So many people
So far apart

I hope I learn something
From my time sitting on
The end of Whoop-up Drive

Consequences of Inaction

If you don't try
You can't succeed
Unless your goal is
Bitter loneliness
Endless regret
And a meaningless existence

You try to hard
You over commit
The opportunity costs scale
And your bound to fail

And if you try just the right amount
The odds where never in your favour to begin with

Hopefully the tip tap of thumbs
Keeps me from my

And the dice will fall where they may


I am a complex machine
Of a million billion tiny robots
With a history of action forever written in stone
That nobody knows
And a future with an unlimited amount of
That nobody knows

I transform the dead into energy
I observe a universe of interaction
Mortality stands on my shoulder
I've felt love
And certainly sorrow
I've seen birth
And a corpse on his death bed

Birds with stiff wings have carried me
Cars on boats have sailed me
Trains through the city have railed me
Dogs have asked me for a bone
Wild cats have cuddled in my arms
I've stepped underneath great trees
The river flow has picked fights with me

Hawk's have hunted
Cats who killed
Mice that snack
On me

The wind has tried to knock me off the back
Of my blue sparrow
That carries me on winding paths
On cliffsides

In galleries I've seen through the eyes
Of a thousand artist's
In books I've read the minds
Of a thousand writers
In albums I've heard the words
Of people with something to say

I stepped on the mouse trap
And danced in the halls with the dancer
Who can't be called cute

I accept that I can't cut of my tail

Yet here I am
Sitting around
Making drool

If It Were Only Me

Surrounded by seas
Of dead fallen leaves

It it were only me
After a worldwide death
I'd be a little glad
I'd wonder the streets and paths
I'd think it's not so bad
To have a world to myself
An endless cavern
Of human invention
To delve deep
And discover it's secrets

It it were only me
After a global pandemic
I'd be a little sad
I'd miss my mom
And the repercussions of laziness
To be in the world alone
With no one to share in the wonder
No one but me
To see the pistol I put to my head
And no one
To clean up the mess

Two dozen
Maybe two hundred
Or even two thousand
Two million
Anything other than
Seven billion
The drains clogged
With ripped out hair
And the blood
Is overflowing
Need less of we
There's no point in covering the globe
In thirsty humans
If they're all just going to divide themselves
And then get into a fucking pissing contest
Of who can produce
And consume

But maybe the point of life isn't to live
Maybe the point is to light the biggest fire
Before you die
I know there's no point
There's just what we do
What we hide
And what we justify

If it were only me
Making the decisions
I'd try to do something smarter
But with seven billion shouts
The best I could ever hope for
Is to die
A quiet martyr

Long Haired Rocker Boy

Take me back to
Rock'n'Roll High School
And play me that
Old Time Rock & Roll

Little old to be called a
Teenage Dirtbag
But I'm still
Feeling Good

Sometimes I get those
Roundhouse Blues
But I'm still high and dry
No Rain

I ain't looking to be no
Just a vibing
Voodoo Child

So will we go
Where Eagles Dare
Cause these days I
Don't Fear The Reaper

On the hunt for
Sweet Emotion
Not trying to put anyone
Under My Thumb

Let's put on a
Rock & Roll Band
Hit the road and
Run to the Hills

The Metaphor

Who's gonna stand by my side
And live their life with me
When mine
Is just looking for metaphors

Oh there's silly ones
That trash
That's me

There's cute ones
Are a mouse

There's mean ones
And there's green ones
There's lean ones
And don't forget
The sheen ones

It's like a

It's a mad world
With loose children
And rampant rats
A fight for
Cupid's bow
And a clash between
Piano and choir
Accompany thee
Daughters of daughters
Sons of sons
Let the cross
Balance on water
And watch the world shake
To a more rhythmic beat

Let the empires know
This king
Will usurp
The crown


Whoever said honesty is the best policy
Probably doesn't think very much
I can think of a million truths a second
That shouldn't be shared
Honesty is a fine policy
But it won't get you very far
A better policy would be
Speak truthfully when justice calls
And speak what should be said;
What they want to hear
The rest of the time

Just let the river flow
No use digging sticks into rocks

Rooftop Magpies

The little scavengers
They're everywhere

In the alleys
On the roofs
In the trees
And over the skies

Your loud
And the dogs don't like you
But I know
Your wisdom

If a raven a rat
The magpie a mouse
Just a little bit smart
And a lot a bit quick

I should buy some bird seed
After the winter

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